Sack Seasoning

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  1. Anti-bacterial.
  2. Body Safe.
  3. Absorbs Moisture thus reducing chafing and odour.
  4. Moisturizes the skin.
  5. Keeps your desired areas smelling great by using natural essential oils.
  6. Can be used all over your body. Arm pits, Crotch, ass and feet.
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The Dreaded Swamp Crotch. You know it as that perfect storm of uncomfortable clamminess below the belt, as well as the resulting stickiness, chafing, jock itch and general unpleasant odour. Body powders are one of the best kept secrets of well-groomed man.

The problem with your standard “baby powder” is that it leaves you smelling like a toddler that just had his nappy changed… Not cool bro. Time to upgrade to a Big Boy powder.

Our Sack Seasoning is a Natural, Vegan and Eco-friendly body safe powder that are designed to keep you dry, chafe free and keeping the odour at bay on the hottest summer days. Our Sack Seasoning is Talc Free and made from ingredients that have many great health benefits to your most sensitive areas. TALC-FREE BODY POWDER, ALL THE BENEFIT, NONE OF THE RISK!




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Weight 125 g

2 reviews for Sack Seasoning

  1. Allen (verified owner)

    Like baby powder but for big boys, legit easier to use than baby powder (probably because it legit comes in a spice bottle which adds 107 man points)

    Smells wicked, and keeps the precious jewels dry and smelling fresh AF. 100% missus approved if you don’t mess it on the floor when applying, although you could argue the bathroom smells better if you do.

  2. KellyG

    IT WORKS! IT REALLY REALLY WORKS! Bought some for the hubby and he struggles with chaffing when he cycles and runs. He used some on Saturday and NO CHAFFING! And it smells great!

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