Make-Up brush Protective sleeve


Pack of 10 Sleeves.



If you’re reading this then you have progressed further than we thought, you deserve a round of applause. Yes, you are not going crazy (not yet) these are Make-up brush protectors. We are still working on it but our moto at the moment is:

We don’t just look after D**ks, let’s cover your Sticks.

What do you think? If you like it, buy it! If not then pour yourself a glass of wine and come up with something cleverererer because you’re obviously better than us. But that’s besides the point, make-up brushes tend to splay out after cleaning and bend during travelling so lets introduce our elastic, mesh covers!

  • The makeup brush mesh covers are very elastic and condense the bristles in good shape to protect your makeup brush and maintain their lifespan.
  • Suitable for large and medium size makeup brushes and also for painting brush. Not good for small brushes within 1cm in diameter like lip brush and eyeliner brush.

Same as a Sack didn’t know it needed Scenting, you brushes didn’t know they need our Sleeves.


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