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Every man who owns a beard knows how tough it is to keep it clean, maintained and healthy without breaking the bank. It’s also tough to find products that actually work. So we created a 100% Natural, Vegan, Eco-friendly beard shampoo made entirely from only coconut oil. It not only cleans your beard but moisturizes and  nourishes it all at once. For a healthier, fuller and better beard, look no further than our Beard Shampoo.



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Let’s be honest, we could tell you that our 100% Coconut Oil based beard shampoo has amazing qualities like –

  • Soothes Irritated skin.
  • Cleans your Beard and skin without stripping away natural oils.
  • Retains moisture in your hair follicles and prevents dry, itchy skin.
  • Leaves your beard soft and healthier.
  • Added Jojoba Oil promotes hair growth and a thicker beard.
  • Added Argan Oil softens, tames, reduces breakage, and maybe best of all, helps to fight “beardruff”

But who wants to hear that. So lets skip the foreplay and get straight to business. Our Beard Shampoo will make your beard better. It just will. It’s made from 100% coconut oil and we add some extra goodness just to help your “FaceFro”  look and feel healthy. We understand that looking after your Beard takes time and more products than you would like to admit but what if you could get all of it in one? A clean, moisturized beard without the oily look, why thank you – I’ll take two. Did we mention that it comes in Vanilla Scented amazingness, well it does so get ready to get random people tasting your beard.

Seriously now, we all want “that” beard. You know what we’re talking about, that one guy who you think of while you run your fingers through your valiant attempt at a Viking Beard. We are not saying our Beard Shampoo will give you “that” beard but it will help you grow and maintain the best Face Mullet you can grow.

Hey you. Yes you in the corner with the genetics of a naked mole rat. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered as well! If you’re struggling to grow that beard, our Beard Shampoo doubles up as an AMAZING pube wash!

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3 reviews for Beard Shampoo

  1. Emily

    Bought this as a Christmas gift and it’s the best gift I gave of the year!!!! It smells incredible and the guys absolutely love it.

  2. Morné


    Every single guy needs this

  3. Johan

    Smells amazing and my beard loves it

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