The Boeties


1 x Body Wash

1 x Beard Shampoo

World famous Body Wash + Notoriously good Beard Shampoo leaves you with an important decision to make… Who will you tell about your life changing discovery?

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You’re awesome – our Boeties are awesome – So match made in heaven… What are you waiting for? Our notoriously famous beard shampoo coupled with our world renowned Body Wash, all packed into one box to service your Sack, your Beard and EVERYTHING in between. Pretty sweet ey!

Amazing things come in two’s. Just think of Buzz & Woody, Spongebob & Patrick, Thelma & Louise – The Boeties are no different. A Scented Sack and a well nourished, shiny, healthy Beard, now that sounds like the story line of the next Hollywood Blockbuster! So grab your very own Boetie, wash your Mario and scrub your Luigi and dominate the day! See what we did there, of course you did, you flippen legend!

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Alpha Male, Lumberjack "Oke", Mountain Man


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